Home to artists and creatives, the SOFA district (South of A Street) in Santa Rosa is filled with art in unexpected places. From resident’s front yards–a flower bed made from a brass headboard to whimsical polka dots painted on mail boxes–there is something to see around every corner.

Park by the “Relax” sign. Walk south from Juilliard Park. Turn left onto Art Alley and enter Sonoma County’s little known outdoor art gallery; a narrow alleyway between two rows of buildings. Partially paved, slightly uneven, weeds sprouting through cracks in the asphalt, there are sound bites spray painted onto window panes with colors and textures everywhere. Watch out for the occasional car. And don’t miss the “side street” Rue de Alien, where an alien abduction takes place as a young boy (a Giants fan) watches in amazement. Art Alley is a treasure just waiting to be discovered.

Do you know a Sonoma County place we should feature? Comment below or send your suggestions to SonomaHumans@gmail.com. 

Japanese anime packs a pop culture punch

Art Alley Mural

Step up to this fence installation and step into another person’s reality

SOFA art installation

Close encounters of the Sonoma County kind!

Rue de Alien

Flying creatures beckon you forward

SOFA Art Alley2

Spray painted stencils appear everywhere

Art Alley entrance




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