Walk into the The Gentlemen’s Barbershop in Windsor and one of the first things you’ll notice are a row of four stations, each similar, yet unique. On the mirror behind each chair, are the Instagram handles of each barber along with something personal—from stickers of sports teams to a $5-dollar bill for good luck. On the far left is Junior “Cuco” Arreguin, a 17-year-old apprentice. The Gentlemen’s Barbershop opened just last year, but owner Marco Flores and Cuco have known each other for over a decade. Flores, a Windsor resident, was Cuco’s childhood barber. When Flores opened his shop, he gave Cuco his first job sweeping up hair after school.

Coco the Barber

A Sonoma County resident from birth, Cuco is one of eight children. He has five brothers and two sisters and the birth order puts him close to the middle. Thanks to his brothers, he’s had lots of practice cutting hair in the family garage. Currently completing his senior year at Windsor High School, Cuco earns credit for time spent at the barber shop in the afternoons and on weekends. Hours spent in the shop over the past year earned him an apprentice license.

Cuco at work

Now you can find him behind the chair cutting, shaping, and buzzing hair while he studies to become a licensed barber. A natural with kids’ cuts, he makes younger clients instantly comfortable with his friendly approach. He works efficiently with precision and enjoys providing the shop’s deluxe treatment the “Gentlemen’s Cut”: a hair cut, hot shave, trim, shampoo and styling. The shop has a distinct family vibe and Cuco considers the other barbers his stepbrothers—they make light hearted jokes, offer clients “fat-free” donuts and “diet” milk—and generally have a good time while creating custom cuts that are Instagram-worthy. There aren’t many teenagers with career paths in place but Cuco’s passion for his work is evident and he’s already on his way.

The Gentleman's Barbershop

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